curred on a highway between La Mejorada and Izcuchaca towns in Huancavelica department, some 450 km southeast to Lima, according to local radio station Radio Programas del Peru. Th.

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the cleanup from the financial crisis continues, the FDIC will continue to pursue meritorious and cost effective professional liability suits in order to recover as much as poss.

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y for Venezuela to send Argentina several coast guard boats so that his country's navy could use them in patrolling the nation's rivers, and the transfer of technology related to .

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nter was monitored at 18.4 degrees north latitude and 102.7 degrees west longitude, with a depth of 60 kilometers, the center said. HONG KONG, May 14 (Xinhua) -- An earthquake meas.

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l services such as health, education and housing," Prado said. "International migration should be included in the UN's post-2015 agenda and in the post-2014 regional population an.

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cluded the total suspension of all the commercial exchange in the region, which have aroused strong protests from the Haitian merchants, who had thrown stones in the border betwe .

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ious profiling as well as targeting based on national origin. They also asked supporters to tell DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano that "the increased security screenings required by.

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changes, not just with Argentina, but also with other nations the country has ties with, said Elizalde. SANTIAGO, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Chilean police have arrested a total of 224 s.

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The leaders of the European Union (EU) are meeting in Brussels on Thursday evening and Friday to narrow their divergent views on how to enforce tougher fiscal rules to restore ma.

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