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the Treasury International capital report, China, the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities, trimmed its holdings from 1.2519 trillion dollars in February to 1.2505

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loyment agencies set up for different sectors, such as energy, construction, biotechnology and foreign trade. The agencies will retain 20 percent of a worker's wages for commissi

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ing that, however, "you can't guarantee that one weapon or another may not fall in that kind of a situation into the hands that you don't want it to." Kerry's remarks came to deepe

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ain the damage," Obama told reporters in White House Rose Garden after meeting with Cabinet members about the disaster.? Full story BP lowers "top hat" into Gulf of Mexico HOUSTON,

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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for a positive and cooperative future relationship between Sudan and South Sudan," she said. South Sudan voted to secede from the north in a January referendum, the culmination o

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e inspection earlier in the day that resulted in the seizure of hallucinogenic drugs and weapons from some cells, the radio added. The fire was put out early Tuesday, but tens of r

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-- Brazilian presidential candidate Aecio Neves on Tuesday promised to provide universal access to preschool education and daycare if elected. "We will guarantee universal access

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ago. "I come here today as a friend and as a brother," said Humala. Humala, who won victory in the June 5 election, had delayed his visit to Venezuela due to Chavez's health.? CARAC

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ock of Magallanes, global oil exploration and exploitation firm GeoPark Holdings Limited said in a press release. GeoPark Executive Director James F. Park said the company has car

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ary, another city in the Alberta province, the pilot realized that a tire has blown. Eventually, strong crosswinds forced the Air Canada flight 8481 to be diverted to Edmonton, abo

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ma," Obama said, noting that a free trade agreement would be good for both countries by opening up new markets "with potential for billions of dollars of cross-border trade." Mart

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