n recent days, the former president, who left office with a dismally low U.S. popularity rating over his handling of the Iraq war, received accolades from former critics. In an in.

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." The Interior Ministry announced it had made 1,966 shelters available with a capacity to accommodate up to 340,407 people. The National Meteorological Center warned the adverse .

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s leaders and individuals from non-profit organizations who make a difference in their communities, Harper said during his tour of Welland in southern Ontario. "Our government is p.

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fornia Attorney General's Office launched an investigation into the high salaries paid to top Bell City officials. But their resignation did not appease the public. by Katherine H.

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ontractor Alan Gross, sentenced to 15 years in jail for attempted subversion and other crimes, the Foreign Ministry said. The call came a day after Gross issued a letter indicatin.

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top violence, which is disrupting treatment efforts. After the violence spread to the capital of Port-au-Prince on Thursday, UN special envoy for Haiti Edmond Mulet condemned the .

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Full story Profiles: Prominent figures in Egypt's new government Profile: Major players in Egyptian politics Backgrounder: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Former Egyptian Pr.

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ysical Review X, offer a much different approach. "We were looking at a way to develop a cloaking mechanism that was different from previous works where they use materials and ben.

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t the error "may have occurred inside the department". "We've got to take accountability for the misspelling," Thompson told The Australian Online. According to Australian Associat.

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