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e purpose of economic reforms is to build a prosperous and sustainable socialism and achieve a higher level of satisfaction and happiness among the people. HAVANA, Dec. 16 (Xinhu

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AE banking official welcomes Fed withdrawal on stimulus tapering DUBAI, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- The chairman of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) banking federation on Thursday welcomed

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signed on April 8 in Prague by President Obama and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev, replaces the 1991 pact that expired in December last year. The treaty stipulates that

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e quake, the worst ever recorded in human history. Being a country constantly attacked by earthquakes, Chile and its people are well-drilled in emergency procedures. SANTIAGO, July

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percent of GDP this year, dropping to about half its level at the peak of the crisis in 2009, the IMF said. The euro area as a whole is expected to post a budget deficit of 2.9 p

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nd improve the economic well being of people in both countries. "The presidents discussed the deplorable actions by WikiLeaks and agreed its irresponsible acts should not distract

羞羞漫画无限金币版在线阅读 -恋爱精神控制术

were killed on the spot, but two others survived. The two injured, rescued from the pond by divers who responded to the scene with Ohio State Highway Patrol, were taken to the St