ay Haitian public servants' salaries. The report, presented at a preparatory meeting ahead of an international donors' conference to be held at the end of March, said economic loss.

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this year. Vargas said Santos hoped to further all of those achievements Uribe had accomplished, but to improve some social indicators such as the high levels of poverty, which wa.

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ompared with 53 percent four months ago, the New York Times/CBS News poll showed. The survey also found that 68 percent thought the fighting was going "somewhat badly" or "very bad.

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ational Weather Services said Monday. According to the National Weather Services, a complicated storm extending from the Great Lakes region to the Central Gulf Coast will move nort.

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ates in the 169 municipalities of Cuba, with 15,093 of them to be chosen as delegates on Sunday. Once none of the candidates gets more than 50 percent of the valid votes, there wi.

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her assets including stocks and government agency debt, a key to funding the massive U.S. balance of payments deficit with the rest of the world. The debt figures are closely watc .

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Canadian law. Where evidence permits, we will seek the revocation of permanent resident status or citizenship and in some cases the deportation of anyone perpetrating such fraud,".

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ral Ban Ki-moon said the "most urgent need is emergency search and rescue" in the wake of the earthquake. "In any emergency like this, the early hours and days are critical," Ban .

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blicans in the Senate, including two independents who caucus with them. Among a total of 33 Senate seats up for grabs in November, 23 are held by Democrats and independents, comp.

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